Choosing your wedding dress can be a very challenging task. Here two things you should take into consideration when the time comes to begin shopping for this garment.

The type of wedding you'll be having

It's crucial to consider the type of wedding you intend to have before you begin shopping for your wedding dress.

For example, if you and your partner are planning to have a registry-office wedding and an informal, intimate meal at a local restaurant afterwards, then it might be best to select a simple wedding dress rather than, say, a glamorous beaded ballgown, as the latter would look very over-the-top and out-of-place in this type of setting.

If you were to wear a very opulent dress for a wedding of this kind, you would probably end up feeling quite self-conscious and awkward, which could, in turn, affect your overall enjoyment of this important event.

Conversely, if you intend to have a traditional church ceremony with several dozen guests, followed by an extravagant banquet held in a stately historic property, then it would be more appropriate to wear a more formal, full-skirted customised wedding gown, as this style of dress would be perfectly in keeping with the setting in which the event will be held.

Physical comfort

Weddings tend to be lengthy affairs; in most cases, people begin getting ready in the morning and don't end up going to bed until the early hours of the following day.

As such, if you want to enjoy this event, it is essential to choose a wedding dress which not only looks beautiful but which is also very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Failing to do this could affect your ability to fully immerse yourself in what will be one of the most special experiences of your life.

If for example, you choose a dress that has a corseted waist, you may find yourself feeling painfully restricted as the day goes on, particularly after eating. Similarly, if you opt for a gown that is made from a very stiff kind of fabric, you might struggle to find a comfortable position to sit in.

One of the best ways to ensure that your dress does not have a negative impact on your level of comfort is to have a customised wedding gown made. This will ensure that the garment will not only look spectacular but will also perfectly fit your unique body shape and will be made from materials which you personally feel most comfortable in.