If you're planning a home wedding, you'll probably need a list of items to rent for both the ceremony and reception, to ensure your home looks its best and to ensure guests are comfortable and relaxed for the entire day. Note a few items you won't want to overlook when making this list, so you know your big day is enjoyable for you, and for everyone else.


Depending on the number of guests that will be attending, and the size of your home, you may want to rent portable toilets. This can be especially necessary if you're having the event outdoors, as you may not want guests to track dirt and mud into the home to use the restroom. Portable toilets are not as crude and basic as you might expect; they are usually on trailers, with comfortable and attractive interiors that include tile floors and porcelain fixtures, and running water!


You may be thinking of adding lots of flowers to your home, both inside and out, but this can be very expensive and not very eco-friendly. Instead, consider renting plants. Lush greenery can provide a nice backdrop for the ceremony and the reception, and you can even rent blooming bushes and plants that add some attractive flowers to the space. Renting plants means not having to worry about what to do with the flowers once the day is over, and also means not having to cut and waste flowers for your day, which is a very environmentally-friendly option.


As with plants, you can actually rent artwork that adds a very upscale and decorative touch to your home and to the marquee you use for the reception. This artwork can be something classic and Victorian, or it may be more modern and even somewhat simple, but with bold pops of colour. This is also a good way of bringing a theme to the wedding; you might choose beach photographs or an art deco piece for the wedding, if that's your preferred style, to create the look you love.

Marquee and canopy

Never assume your guests will be okay with sitting outside in the sun after your wedding, even if your wedding is scheduled for a month with milder weather. A marquee for the reception and a canopy for foot traffic between the house and reception area can keep guests protected from sun, wind, and other uncomfortable elements, and ensure no one leaves early simply because they're too warm or too cold or are getting too much sun exposure.