Few events are as exciting to plan for as your wedding. Whether you've already got the perfect vision of your big day in mind, or whether you're still exploring for ideas and themes, or looking for wedding hire to help. Chances are you're already hoping that this will be the kind of celebration your friends and family won't forget. Of course, what's really important is you and your partner—but if you want to make an impact, one great way of doing this is to pick one particular 'feature' decoration which will stick out in the minds of everyone looking back on the memory of your wedding. Looking for ideas? Here are a few to spark your imagination.

Flower Walls & Arches

Made popular by Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé, these make absolutely stunning backdrops for official wedding photos and selfies alike. Not only can they be coordinated to match your other floral arrangements and the rest of your colour scheme, but they will also add an immediate feeling of luxury, romance and sophistication to your wedding celebration. Every guest in attendance is going to want their moment in front of this overflowing structure of flowers, and that's exactly the kind of draw you're looking for.

Chandeliers & Lightstands

Few items of decor have the aesthetic impact of a big chandelier. Whether yours has a traditional, classic look or evokes something more minimalistic and modern, your guests are sure to marvel at it. As an extra added bonus, strong lighting is really flattering for photographs—your wedding photographer will thank you for the opportunity to enhance their shots!

Carnival Booths & Stands

If you're looking for a more fun and lighthearted effect, featuring one of these stands at your wedding is a great option. A traditional popcorn or candyfloss stand could serve your guests tasty treats throughout the reception—super Instagrammable, and great for keeping everyone's energy up as the day wears on! Carnival games are just as fun; your friends and family will love competing to see who can knock over the most cans. This is also a good way of occupying kids who might otherwise be bored.

Of course, there are countless features you could include in your wedding, and these are just a couple of suggestions. The world is your wedding's oyster! Just find a good supplier that's close to your venue and see what kind of great decorations you can hire. So long as it's selfie-ready, you're sorted.